Indeed Client Story: Equifax

Penny Burnett, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Equifax, explains how her team sources high-quality candidates from Indeed.

As the Global Talent Acquisition Leader for Equifax, Penny Burnett is responsible for employment branding and building the talent pipeline in 18 countries throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

One of Penny’s key initiatives for Equifax is growth on a global scale. Equifax is faced with the challenge of driving brand awareness beyond Atlanta, where they’re headquartered. Being able to attract the right talent around the world required leveraging the relationship they built with Indeed in the US to source candidates. “Having a relationship with a global provider like Indeed was key for us,” says Penny.

Employer branding is becoming a core initiative for the organization. Equifax works with Indeed to make their jobs more prominent and visible to the right candidates. Penny says, “Most of our positions have unique skills sets that we’re looking for. Using Indeed has helped us because we’re able to find those candidates more easily than we have with job boards.”

During their sourcing analysis at the end of the year, Equifax found there was a 938% increase in click through for the Sponsored Jobs over organic jobs. “Sponsoring jobs does make a difference, and candidates are going and clicking through and looking at those jobs a lot more than the organic jobs. It was a big eye-opener for me,” says Penny. When comparing cost per hire across sources, Penny shares that “the cost to source using Indeed was significantly lower than job boards we had been using.”

Watch the full video to learn about how Equifax and Indeed work together to find great hires.