The Top 10 Cities and Occupations for Recent Graduates

Top 10 Cities and Occupations for Recent Graduates

The job market for young people is steadily improving. Demand for Bachelor’s degrees has increased 7% from last year, and base salaries are projected to be 5% higher. Commencement is just around the corner, and as college seniors set off on their job search, they’ll be evaluating these prospects.

To get a better look at their choices, we partnered with Apartment Guide to find out the best cities for recent college graduates to consider. We found the cities with the most entry-level jobs and coupled that data with Apartment Guide’s analysis on average rent for one- and two-bedroom apartments in those cities. Here are the top ten:

Cities with the most entry-level jobs
  Cities One-bedroom
Average Rent
Average Rent
1Washington DC
$1,402 $1,755
2New York, NY
$1,611 $2,067
3Houston, TX
$854 $1,121
4Chicago, IL
$1,013 $1,318
5San Francisco, CA
$1,864 $2,337
6Dallas, TX
$822 $1,100
7Austin, TX
$947 $1,191
8Los Angeles, CA
$1,566 $2,011
9Atlanta, GA
$795 $962
10Phoenix, AZ
$703 $831

We also found the top ten occupations for entry-level positions by identifying entry-level job titles within each occupational category. These are job titles that are clearly identified as entry-level, and we selected the ones that are most relevant to candidates with a college degree.

Occupations with the most entry-level jobs
  Occupation Category Representative Titles Salary
Entry Level Manager $53,000
Entry Level Sales $59,000
3Computer and Mathematical
Entry Level Software Engineer $64,000
4Architecture and Engineering
Construction Project Engineer $72,000
5Business and Financial Operations
Entry Level Accountant $30,000
6Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Entry Level Technician $31,000
7Office and Administrative Support
Entry Level Administrative Associate $38,000
Entry Level Manufacturing Positions $22,000
9Healthcare Practitioners and Technical
Laboratory Technician $57,000
10Life, Physical and Social Science
Entry Level Chemistry Lab Technician $33,000

This kind of data can guide a successful job search, enabling young people to make informed decisions about where to start their career. Once you decide on locations and occupations that interest you, Indeed can help you find the right opportunity. The Indeed app is the leading job search app for Android and iPhone, so you can search for jobs from anywhere. With an Indeed Resume, you can easily apply to jobs on web or mobile and keep ahead of the job search at any time of day. By signing up for job alerts, you can have relevant job listings sent directly to your inbox so you never miss an opportunity.

To learn more about the cities where entry-level jobs are available and the corresponding average rents for one- and two-bedroom apartments, see the infographic.