New Research: Indeed Provides More Hires Than Any Other External Source

Indeed provides more hires than CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Monster combined.

The shift in how people are hired can be felt in many ways – the always-on job search, the constant competition for talent, the dominance of mobile and more. The number of new considerations for talent acquisition professionals can be daunting. And yet, there are some metrics that provide reliable structure and clear insight for employers.

A new study from SilkRoad, provider of the applicant tracking system OpenHire, tracks the effectiveness of recruiting sources by measuring the number of interviews and hires each source provides. Their review of nearly 10 million applications and over 150,000 hires shows that in the past year, 78% of hires came from just four sources: referrals, internal hires, company career sites, and Indeed.

Among the top ten sources of online external recruitment, Indeed provided 50% of hires – twice as much as CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Monster combined (see chart above). This is the third year that Indeed has led in hiring success.

Of all sources of external recruitment – including offline sources such as job fairs and campus recruiting – Indeed is the leading source, providing 32% of hires (see chart below).

Indeed is the leading source of external hire

Unlike other studies that rely on survey data, the SilkRoad report uses an entire year of primary hiring data from more than 1,000 employers of all sizes to show which recruitment sources are most effective.

Any employer can use this methodology of automatic source tracking to improve hiring results.

Automatically tracking sources of hire delivers clear ROI insights, positioning talent acquisition teams to effectively allocate budgets and target high-quality talent. In the midst of a shifting landscape, measuring these sources provides a consistent basis for sound decisions.

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