How Great Companies Attract Great Candidates

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Do you know the number of screening questions that will cause you to lose 20% of your applicants? How about the number of jobs a hired candidate has clicked on, or the margin by which recruiting with search can reduce your cost per hire?

These are the metrics that drive search marketing, a limitless opportunity for employers where great companies can attract online job seekers and target the best candidates for their jobs. The companies who do this effectively outperform the average employer by more than 800%, hiring better people in less time, with the data to back every decision.

In our webinar, Succeeding with Search, Paul D’Arcy, SVP of Marketing, shares the three key conversions you need to optimize when using search to source candidates, outlining how you can identify your ideal candidates, attract them to your jobs and hire them. In this session, you’ll gain insight into job seeker behavior, and learn to apply those insights to your hiring efforts.

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