Hiring Veterans on Indeed

Approximately 200,000 people leave the military each year, and over 1 million additional members will exit military service by 2017. In preparation, some corporate leaders have voluntarily doubled their hiring goals for veterans and employers of all sizes have made efforts to reduce the persistently high unemployment rate for former service members. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that rate is 20.4% for veterans aged 18 to 24 as compared to 15% for non-veterans. Among veterans aged 25 to 34, the rate is 9.9% compared to 8.2% in the general population.

Indeed Military, a partner of Joining Forces, provides tools for employers to connect with veterans and military spouses seeking employment. Employers can use a filter on Indeed Resume to search directly for military resumes. It’s free for employers to contact these candidates and easy for them to source military job seekers.

We compiled a list of the searches employers are conducting on Indeed Resume for Military and the states where those searches are coming from. The types of jobs that top the list range from automotive technicians to accountants — revealing the range of positions that employers would like to hire veterans for.

Top Searches on Indeed for Military Resumes

States with Most Per-Capita Searches for Military Resumes
6North Carolina
3South Carolina


If you’re an employer who would like to hire veteran candidates, you can use Indeed Resume to find military candidates — sourcing your hires from a qualified pool of job seekers who have served.