Job Search is Mobile: Indeed Has the #1 Free Business App

#1 Free Business App

Today, we’re excited to share that our job search app is the #1 Free Business App for iOS and Android.

Job seekers use the Indeed app to search for millions of jobs from their smartphones and tablets. We’re always looking to improve the job search experience — 75% of working-age Americans are actively looking for or open to a new job and we know that mobile job search is important to them.

Employers with mobile-ready job postings will have a competitive edge in attracting these job seekers. Indeed Apply is free for employers and makes your jobs easy to apply to from every device. You can customize your application process to include a resume, cover letter and screening questions. You can also enhance your hiring process without disrupting it by choosing to receive applications through either your applicant tracking system or by email.

Learn how to activate Indeed Apply by contacting us.

You can download our job search app in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.