Best Places to Work for Work-Life Balance

Best Places to Work

At Indeed, we have unique insights and data on work-life balance. People not only find more jobs on Indeed than anywhere else, they also read and submit more reviews than on any other employer review platform.

Reviewers grade employer performance overall and in five additional categories: compensation/benefits, culture/values, job security/advancement, management, and work/life balance. These reviews provide a valuable window into how employers create productive work environments that appeal to quality candidates, and we’re continually investigating the ways in which reviews inform job seeker behavior.

Based on employee work-life balance reviews on Indeed Company Pages, this list of the 25 highest-rated employers in the U.S. includes companies with a significant number of jobs and reviews in the U.S., even if they are headquartered outside of the country.

Topping the list, Colgate-Palmolive has impressed employees with their “people-focused policies” and friendly work environment. At number two, Wegmans is described as fun and flexible, with at least one college student citing the accommodating schedule that enabled her to keep up with responsibilities at work and at school. At YMCA, employees appreciated having access to facilities that kept them fit and healthy and at Southwest Airlines, numerous people felt free to be and express themselves.

These are the stories being told on Indeed, and we’re excited to share them. We celebrate employers who focus not only on the quality of their employees’ work but also on the quality of their lives overall, and we’re proud to present the leaders in this category.

Top 25 Best Companies For Work-Life Balance