How Search Engines Have Changed the Game for Employers

Search engines have changed the game for employers.

Search engines have completely transformed the way people find information – including jobs. Right now, job seekers can find 16 million jobs from over 95,000 sources on Indeed. Making all jobs accessible in one search on Indeed is attractive for every type of job seeker, allowing them to find opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. When you post your job on Indeed as an employer, the comprehensiveness of our search results also benefits you.

For recruiters and HR professionals, it means there’s one destination where you can reach the largest online talent pool across all industries. But with thousands of employers competing for candidates’ attention, how do you make your jobs stand out to reach your desired candidates?

Jason Whitman, Indeed’s SVP of Client Services, is an expert in this topic area as his team works to optimize jobs to help reach the right audience. Watch our on-demand webinar, “Rethinking Recruiting: How Search Engines Changed the Game”, to learn from Jason about how you can prominently display your jobs. We’ll discuss how you can attract the best talent and achieve your hiring goals on Indeed.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use data about search traffic to your advantage
  • Make your jobs resonate with the right audience
  • Build awareness for your employment brand
  • Create a successful online recruitment campaign

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