The Data Is In: Again, Indeed Ranks Top Site for External Hire

New data from iCIMS, a leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider, shows its clients hire more people from Indeed than from all other job sites combined and 6X more than LinkedIn. This is the fifth recent source of hire report showing that Indeed leads the way as the top site for external hires.

According to iCIMS, “Indeed alone accounted for more hires than all other branded sources combined and stood far out from the pack, delivering 27% of all external hires.”

Indeed Leading External Source of Hire

iCIMS reviewed a full year of data from 2012 covering 100,000 hires made from external sources by more than 1,500 employers. The data used in this study was based on source data that was automatically tracked by the iCIMS ATS. This feature eliminated the risk of candidates falsely identifying their source by automatically detecting the true origin of a candidate for accurate reporting. The companies ranged in size from 10 employees to over 100,000.

Knowing the sources of your candidates and hires is essential for evaluating the performance of your recruitment efforts. If you’re already using an ATS, you can easily create your own source of hire report to understand what sources deliver the best ROI.

If you’re not currently using an ATS, you can post jobs to Indeed and benefit from driving traffic from the top online external source of hire site.