Indeed Resume Expands in International Markets

We’re now introducing Indeed Resume in six new countries: the UK, France, Spain, India, Australia and the Netherlands. Indeed Resume provides employers with open access to over 2 million new resumes created on Indeed each month. There are no signup fees, subscriptions or contracts when you use Indeed Resume. Instead of charging expensive fees that restrict access to talent, we’re keeping resume search open to help employers and job seekers connect.

Easy, secure user experience fuels resume growth

Why are we seeing such rapid growth in online resumes? The resume is a core component of the hiring process, used by employers to quickly assess relevant skills and experience. And they’re not just used when a candidate submits a job application anymore; recruiters proactively search for resumes that fit their open positions. More professionals are realizing that having an up-to-date online resume helps market their skills for both current and future career opportunities.

Indeed Resume allows people to make their experience visible to employers while contact information is kept confidential until they respond to an employer’s email via Indeed. This secure environment increases the quality of engagement between employers and qualified applicants.

And now, more people than ever are using their Indeed Resumes to apply directly to jobs. Using an Indeed Resume saves time in the application process — and makes it possible for people to apply directly from a mobile device. Indeed Resume is valuable, easy and secure and is quickly becoming the #1 source for connecting recruiters with top talent.

Employers can search millions of resumes 

For employers, Indeed Resume offers a large source of resumes from every field with no financial commitment. Recruiters searching on Indeed Resume can target any combination of title, location, company, skills, experience level and education, and then use filters to narrow search results further to give precise results. If you’re not sure what to search for, start typing and we’ll start showing results as you type. You can also save your search by opting in to receive new and relevant resumes matching the profile of your target candidate straight to your email.

Recruiters are constantly searching for qualified candidates online. Indeed Resume provides them with open access to millions of potential resumes which match their target searches. With Indeed Resume going international, recruiters in the UK, France, Spain, India, Australia and the Netherlands can now identify and connect with highly targeted candidates using the search criteria that matter most to them.

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