Indeed Claims Top Spot in comScore Job Search Category Traffic for the 4th Year in a Row

Indeed has once again claimed the top spot for Job Search category traffic in the US according to new data released by comScore, a leading digital analytics firm. For the fourth year in a row, Indeed had more comScore unique visitors in the Job Search category than any other job site, commanding almost double the traffic of the next leading job site.

According to comScore, traffic to job search sites increased 24% in January 2013, reaching 28 million visitors. Indeed again ranked #1 in the category with 17.3 million comScore visitors followed by CareerBuilder (9.6 million) and Monster (9.1 million). Over the last two years, Indeed’s traffic in the category has increased 50% while the next two job sites declined by 10% on average.

comScore Unique Visitors

Indeed, listed under the name of our parent company Recruit, also ranked as one of the top 10 fastest growing properties on the Web in the US over the first month of the year, according to comScore data. Today, Indeed enables employers to reach a larger proportion of job seekers than any other site. According to comScore, 62% of people who searched for jobs in January searched on Indeed. Most importantly, our traffic growth means that more people than ever are finding jobs through Indeed. Indeed was recently named the #1 external source of hire, providing employers more hires than the next four job sites combined and nearly 10X more hires than LinkedIn.