Independent Study: Indeed #1 external source of hire

More hires from Indeed than the next 4 job sites combined and 10x more hires than LinkedIn

While there have never been more ways to find and attract potential employees, new research shows there are just a few sources that account for the majority of hires.

SilkRoad, provider of the OpenHire applicant tracking system, analyzed data from over 150,000 hires to see what sources really work. What they found is revealing – 63% of hires came from just four sources: referrals, internal hires, company career sites, and Indeed.

For the second year in a row, SilkRoad’s report finds that Indeed is the number one external source of hire in the U.S. In fact, Indeed drove more hires than the next four job sites combined and nearly 10X the number of hires provided by LinkedIn.

Unlike other studies that rely on survey data, this report uses an entire year of primary hiring data from 1,000 employers of all sizes to show which online recruitment sources are most effective. It is based on source data that is automatically tracked by OpenHire, which ensures the data is as accurate as possible.

Among the report’s most notable findings about the more than 150,000 hires analyzed:

  • Indeed provided employers with more hires than any other external recruitment source.

#1 External Source of Hire

  • This year, Indeed increased its lead over other sites. Among the top 10 external sources listed above, Indeed drove 98% more hires than the second biggest source, CareerBuilder. In last year’s report, Indeed provided 72% more hires than CareerBuilder.
  • Among the top 10 sites, Indeed provided more hires than CareerBuilder, Monster, Craigslist, and LinkedIn  combined.

Multiple third parties, including iCIMS and Newton Software, have published reports that show Indeed is the top external source of hire for employers of every size. This data provides valuable guidance for employers seeking to focus their recruitment strategies on sources that are proven to deliver results.

Millions of people have told us how they got a job on Indeed. We’re delighted to hear the other side of the story from the employers that hired them.