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What’s in demand? computer science

The U.S. Department of Labor projects that employment of computer scientists will increase by 19% through 2020 and a 2011 report by the Computing Research Association (CRA) found that the number of students enrolling in college computer science programs has increased for the last three years. But what’s the outlook for computer science majors today? To find out, we analyzed the more than 100,000 jobs on Indeed that cite a degree in computer science as a requirement.

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Industry trends report: job postings down in most industries

This month, our Industry Employment Trends show job postings by U.S. employers retreated slightly from August levels in nine of the twelve major industries tracked. 2012 has been an up and down year for job postings in major industries. The level of postings rose steadily across most major industries from January through May, but declined during June and July. August saw every industry (except real estate and transportation) return to positive monthly growth, followed by a slight decline in September for most industries.

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