Add photos to your Company Page on Indeed!

What does your work look like? Job seekers want to know and it’s easy to show them. Now, you can add photos to your Company Page on Indeed to give people an inside look at what makes your company unique. (Find your page here).

Earlier this year we introduced Company Pages, a new way for employers to promote their company to more than 70 million people on Indeed. Indeed Company Pages have become the fastest growing source of employer reviews on the internet, with more than 150,000 new reviews added monthly.

Why is your Company Page important? It raises the profile of your employment brand and differentiates your company at the exact moment people are actively searching for career information. Company Pages receive millions of visits each month, so by adding content to your page you can engage with active and passive job seekers and show them what it’s like to work at your company.

Find your Company Page and customize it with your best photos today! All companies with jobs on Indeed have a Company Page, and uploading photos is free.

Not sure what to upload? Check out these examples: Company Photo


Case-Mate Company Photo


Indeed Company Photo