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With the 2012 Olympic Games just two months away, event organizers, sponsors, and local businesses in London are in the final stages of hiring thousands of extra workers to provide services to the millions expected to attend. Local officials estimate more than 100,000 paid staff and contractors will be employed at the Olympics.

There are still more than 1,500 job postings available on Indeed UK. You can find these postings by clicking the Find Olympics jobs link on’s homepage.

The types of jobs posted include full time positions that will continue after the games end and contract jobs in sectors like hospitality and retail that need additional staff to meet increased demand during the two-week event. Over the last year, more than 30,000 job searches have been performed on Indeed UK for the keywords Olympics, London Olympics, and London 2012.

The most popular job titles at the Olympics right now are:

Not surprisingly, the majority of postings are located in Greater London, where 22 of the 34 sports venues are based. Security, hospitality, retail, and transportation are the sectors with the most Olympics-related job posts.

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