Indeed is the #1 External Source of Hire for 700 Employers

We’re delighted to see that SilkRoad, a leading provider of HRIS solutions, has released an objective source-of-hire study, showing the top online sources of hire for over 700 employers during 2011. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen a study like this: based on a large sample of US employers that use automated candidate source tracking.

Naturally, we are also thrilled to see that Indeed is the #1 source of external hires, with 72% more hires than the next biggest source. We reproduced SilkRoad’s chart here:

Silkroad sources of hire chart

* SilkRoad blog post, March 2012

We have been dismayed that for years the only source-of-hire studies were based on inaccurate survey data. SilkRoad’s study is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often lacks analytical rigor.

We look forward to seeing what else SilkRoad finds in its data and hope it inspires other Applicant Tracking System providers to conduct similar studies.