Jobs: year in review and prospects for 2012

2011 was a tough year for job seekers. We’ve battled high unemployment, stagnant home prices and a global financial crisis, centered on Europe. But we’ve also started to see green shoots of growth, and there are reasons to be hopeful as we enter 2012.

Employment is growing, particularly in the private sector, which has added jobs for 22 straight months and grew faster in 2011 than in 2010. There are plenty of reasons for job seekers to be optimistic, irrespective of the sector they work in.

Indeed’s own data indicate that, in December, there were 50% more jobs advertised than a year prior. Our Industry Employment Trends show that healthcare is not only the biggest employer but also the fastest growing, up 52% in the last 12 months. Rising demand for preventative care and an aging baby boomer population will continue to create opportunities for health services professionals. Education and transportation were the runners-up, with 48% and 39% growth, respectively, in the last year.

Our Top 10 Job Trends were dominated by information technology specializations, including mobile technologies. Another growth area is the energy sector, which saw a sharp rebound in the number of jobs.

Job creation can be limited by discrepancies between supply and demand – often it’s hard for employers to find candidates with the right skill-set. This is where Indeed can help. Indeed Resume, a free and open resume search engine, was launched in 2011. Over two million resumes are searchable by employers and we expect that figure to grow significantly in 2012.

Last year, Indeed drove billions of visits to job boards and corporate career pages. The majority of applicants and hires generated by this traffic were delivered to companies for free through our organic search results. In addition, more than 25,000 customers sponsored their jobs on Indeed, paying for additional traffic to their jobs, resulting in hundreds of thousands of hires. More than 50,000 job seekers told us how Indeed helped them get a job.

Indeed’s most recent job posting data suggests that job growth will continue in 2012, albeit at a modest pace. We expect traffic to our sites to continue to grow, as we make our job search results more comprehensive and more relevant in each of our 53 country sites.

We’d love to hear your feedback and wish you all the best for a successful year ahead.