Energy job trends

Indeed’s recently updated Top Job Trends, a list of the fastest growing keywords found in job postings, consists entirely of information technology and social media terms. New specialties typically emerge in information technology faster than in other sectors, driving employer demand for people who have such skills.

However, interesting growth trends occur throughout the job market. A notable example is the increasing global demand for energy, which has resulted in a growing number of job postings containing keywords related to fossil fuels, renewable energy, and sustainability.

Fast growing fossil fuels job trends include: Oil, shale, crude, frac, and natural gas.

Oil Job Trends Graph

The top locations for the keyword search oil are:

Engineers, geologists, and drillers are among the positions in the oil industry with the most job postings available right now.

The increase in job postings with the keywords sustainability, solar, wind, and renewable shows that a growing number of career opportunities are being created in these areas of the energy industry.

Sustainability Job Trends Graph

Prominent examples of sustainability job opportunities include the development of energy efficient buildings, products, and communities.Enter any keyword into Indeed’s Job Trends search box to see its trend. Click Find Jobs to view current postings. Have you identified job trends that you’d like us to share with job seekers? Please let us know.

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