Top job trends on Indeed

We recently analyzed millions of job postings to update Indeed’s Top Job Trends – a list of the fastest growing keywords found in job postings.

Indeed’s Top Job Trends of 2010 provided a clear picture of fast growing employer demand for expertise in mobile operating systems, social media, and a variety of areas in information technology.  The updated list shows that demand is continuing to increase.

Top Job Trends

The exponential growth of HTML5 job postings kept it at the top spot on the list.  HTML5 is the fifth major revision of HTML.

Popular job titles for positions that cite HTML5 as a desired skill include: web developer, front end developer, software engineer

HTML5 Job Trend

The four keywords below also maintained a spot on the updated Top Job Trends. The most common job title for each trend is listed next to it.

Additions to the Top Job Trends include:

Enter any keyword into Indeed’s Job Trends search box to see its trend; click Find Jobs to view current postings.

To view job posting trends by industry, be sure to check Indeed’s monthly Industry Employment Trends report.

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