Job postings flat in June

Industry Employment Trends show that online job postings changed little in June.

The largest monthly increase in job postings came in real estate, the industry with the least job postings overall. Healthcare continued to have the most jobs available, but had the largest monthly decline.

Despite continued difficulties in the housing market, real estate job postings increased for the first time since November 2010. Job postings for property manager and leasing consultant positions received the most job seeker clicks.

From February through May, manufacturing job postings grew 6.5% per month. The industry’s job postings slowed in June, increasing just 2%. A trend to look for in future Industry Employment Trends reports will be whether manufacturing job postings level off, or if its previous momentum resumes.

June 2011 Industry Employment Trends

Job postings for hospitality and retail, industries which reflect consumer confidence, changed little in June. Hospitality increased 1% month-over-month; retail declined 1%. Job postings in both industries grew strongly over the prior quarter.

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