Job postings reach 2011 high

April Industry Employment Trends mark the highest job posting levels thus far in 2011 for 10 of the 13 industries we track. Job postings for financial services & banking and media reached their highest levels for 2011 in February. Job postings for real estate were highest in January.

Strong quarterly job posting growth

With 25% quarterly growth, job postings for transportation have increased faster than any other industry this year. As a cyclical industry, the sustained upward trend in employer demand for transportation is a positive sign for the rest of the job market.

Having nearly twice as many job postings as any other industry, 21% quarterly job posting growth in healthcare is remarkable. Medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and phlebotomist job postings received the most job seeker clicks in April.

Human resources, the newest industry employment trend, had 11% quarterly job posting growth.

Real estate was the only industry to show a negative change in job postings over the quarter at -17%.

April 2011 Industry Employment Trends

Our recently updated Job Market Competition report provides an additional indicator for an improving job market.

15 metro areas currently have a ratio of 1 job posting per unemployed person. At the start of the year, only nine cities had a 1:1 ratio.

Miami, Riverside, and Los Angeles currently have the most competition for jobs with 1 job posting for every four unemployed persons. At the start of the year 6 metro-areas had ratios of 1:4 or greater, and Miami had the most competition for jobs with 1:6 ratio.

Be sure to check back each month for updated Job Market Competition and Industry Employment Trends reports – leading indicators for the job market in 2011.