Top job trends of 2010

We’ve analyzed millions of job postings to identify the Top Job Trends of 2010.  The list comprises the fastest growing keywords contained in job postings last year, and illustrates the rapidly emerging demand for information technology and social media skills.

Top Job Trends

Job postings for HTML5 – the next major revision of HTML – skyrocketed last year, allowing it to displace Twitter as the #1 job trend.

HTML5 Job Trends graph

Five keywords from the Top Job Trends of 2009 made the 2010 edition: Twitter, iPhone, Facebook, cloud computing, and Social media.

Mobile app, Android, jQuery, and Virtualization joined HTML5 as newcomers to the top 10.

The following keywords didn’t make the Top Job Trends list, but showed notable growth in 2010:

Information technologySharepoint, Drupal, SEO

Healthcare Speech language pathologist, Wellness, Clinical research

BusinessLoss prevention, Sustainability, Compliance, Leadership development, Supply chain

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