Strong job posting growth in October

Our October Industry Employment Trends mark the third straight month of year-over-year job posting growth in every major industry we track: 50% or greater in eight out of 12 industries. All 12 industries had quarterly job posting growth: 25% or greater in nine out of 12 industries.

Overall, Job postings increased strongly over the prior month: 5% or greater in nine out of 12 industries.

Manufacturing again had the largest percentage change in job postings over one quarter, with a 33% increase. The top keyword searches for Manufacturing jobs were maintenance, welder, manufacturing, and machinist.

Information Technology had the second largest percentage change in job postings over one quarter, with a 31% increase. IT also showed an 11% increase in job postings over the prior month. Graphic Designer, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, and Technical Writer were among the job titles in IT receiving the most job seeker clicks.

Retail had quarterly job posting growth of 30%, and a year-over-year increase of 68%. Clicks on retail jobs increased 28% year-over-year.

Healthcare continued to have the most jobs available, followed by retail, and information technology. Real estate had the least jobs available overall, followed by media and newspaper, and hospitality.

October 2010 Industry Employment Trends

Additionally, we recently launched Canada Industry Trends. Indeed Canada is now our first country site outside of the U.S. to offer Industry Trends!

For those trying to transition out of industries that have been slow to recover, Industry Employment Trends will help you to identify the fastest growing industries and segments. Be sure to check back each month.

Also, take a look at our recently updated Job Market Competition index for the latest on the number of jobs available in your area.