Compare Industry Trends by Month or Quarter

We’ve introduced two additional views of our Industry Employment Trends, so you can now compare job posting numbers against the prior month and the prior quarter.

Our September figures show continued year-over-year job posting growth in every major industry we track: 40% or greater in nine out of 12 industries. All 12 industries had quarterly job posting growth of 11% or more – further indication of a recovering job market.

Manufacturing saw the largest percentage change in job postings over one quarter, with a 31% increase. Maintenance Technician, Production Supervisor, and Product Manager were among the job titles in this industry receiving the most job seeker clicks.

Transportation showed a 24% quarterly increase in job postings. The top keyword searches for transportation industry jobs were driver, warehouse, and truck driver.

Financial Services and Banking job postings also grew strongly, with a 22% quarterly increase. The markets with the highest job seeker demand, as measured by job seeker clicks were New York, Atlanta, and Houston. Financial Analyst, Staff Accountant, and Teller jobs received the highest number of job seeker clicks.

September 2010 Industry Employment Trends

For those trying to transition out of industries that have been slow to recover, Industry Employment Trends will help you to identify the fastest growing industries and segments. Be sure to check back each month.

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