Transportation jobs surge ahead

Of the 12 major industries we track, almost all show solid year-over-year job posting growth this month. Job posting gains have been strongest in cyclical industries like Transportation, Hospitality, Retail and Media.

Transportation continues to be a stand-out performer, boasting a 73% increase in job postings year-over-year and an increase of 20,000 jobs since April. The most sought after transportation job titles as measured by job seeker clicks were Driver, Receiver/Stocker, and Delivery Driver.

The overall number of job postings in June was roughly the same as May, marking a possible slow-down in the job market’s recovery. Less cyclical industries, like Healthcare and Education, have remained relatively flat in the last few months.

Real Estate was the only industry showing an annual decline, with a fall of -4%, reflecting persistent softness of the real estate market. Metropolitan areas experiencing the strongest job seeker traffic for real estate jobs were New York, Atlanta, and Houston.

June 2010 Industry Employment Trends

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