Employment turnaround across major industries

We’ve seen a stark improvement in the job market over the last few months. With another encouraging month of data, Indeed’s Industry Employment Trends show that 10 of the 12 major industries had more job openings in February than a year ago. Because we track advertised rather than filled positions, it is a more forward-looking indicator than government jobs data.

On the heels of our best report last month, the February update offers further evidence of an improving economic outlook. Construction and healthcare are now the only industries that have fewer jobs than a year ago. Hospitality is the fastest growing, showing 44% growth over the last year.

February 2010 Industry Trends Report

The industries with the greatest year-over-year growth are Hospitality, Retail and Real Estate – improving 44%, 35% and 33% respectively.

Financial Services/Banking and Accounting both crossed the threshold into positive growth for the first time in over a year. Education, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Media/Newspaper and Transportation round out the list of industries showing positive growth.

Healthcare, the industry with the most job listings, still hasn’t returned to its February 2009 level, but has shown a rise in job postings during the first two months of 2010. It also has the lowest clicks per job posting ratio, making it the industry with the least competition for jobs.

We’ll be updating our Industry Employment Trends on the second business day of each month, prior to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly employment outlook. So, check back to benefit from our unique preview of the employment market and insight into the economy’s progress.