Job postings on the rise

Indeed’s Industry Employment Trends provide a perspective on the job market nationwide and the new data we just released for January 2010 is a promising indicator of what’s to come. This is the first time job postings have increased for half of the major industries since we introduced Industry Trends a year ago.

This time last year, the number of job postings had been declining in every major industry and since then this trend has persisted for most industries. However, the January 2010 data turned that on its head: six major industries (Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Media and Newspaper, Real Estate and Retail) now show an increase in the number of job postings compared to this time last year.

Real Estate is one industry that has bounced back remarkably. In January 2009 there was a 58% decrease in the number of job postings compared to the previous year and now Real Estate shows positive growth with 16% more job postings than a year ago.

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January 2010 Industry Trends Report