Top Job Trends of 2009

This has been a brutal year for the job market, with unemployment higher than we’ve seen in decades. But there are signs of recovery. Four major industries had more job listings in November than a year ago: education grew 38%, hospitality 20%, retail 17% and real estate 4%. And there are micro-segments that are growing even faster.

Here are the 10 fastest growing opportunities of 2009:

The emergence of social media opportunities is striking, with Twitter being the #1 growth trend along with Facebook (#4), Blogger (#6), and Social Media (#9). Other strong technology-related trends are Cloud Computing at #2 and iPhone at #3.

This year’s episodes of financial malfeasance have boosted the demand for Corporate Social Responsibility experts (#5). Healthcare hasn’t grown as an industry recently, but fast-growing pockets include Pediatrician (#7), Hospitalist (#8), and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) (#10).

We’ll continue to report the top job trends in the New Year, so let us know if there are any you want us to track and good luck in your job search.