The best and worst places in the UK for finding a job

We’ve just released our Job Postings Per Capita index for the UK. The 15 most populous urban areas are ranked by the number of job postings for every thousand people during the month of November 2009. The map illustrates the data: the bigger the dot, the more job postings there are per capita.

Job Postings per Capita is a measure of job competition. Lower ranked areas have fewer jobs available per person and more competition for each job. Glasgow and Belfast are at the bottom, with only four job postings per thousand people.

London is the #1 job creator with 18 job postings per thousand people. With over four times as many open positions per capita as Glasgow and Belfast, it tends to be a lot easier to find a job in London.

The top five urban areas are:

Our Job Postings per Capita index should be helpful in deciding where to look for opportunities. Try our job search and don’t forget to set up daily job alert emails!