Best & Worst Job Markets for the Unemployed

We’ve just released a Job Market Competition index, which compares the number of unemployed to the number of job postings in the biggest 50 cities in the US. The more unemployed there are per job opening, the more competition there is in the job market and the harder it is to find a job.

Washington DC has by far the least competition for jobs and so is relatively better for the unemployed, with a whopping six job openings for every unemployed person. Federal government stimulus is clearly working for DC, but is it working in the rest of the country? Apparently not for Detroit, at the opposite end of the scale, with an atrocious 18 unemployed for every job opening.

The best five job markets are:

and the worst five are:

See our ranking of all 50 cities which also shows how each city’s rank has changed since the previous month. Relatedly, our Job Postings per Capita map compares the number of job postings with the total population of these cities.

We’ll be updating the Job Market Competition index monthly, so you can track which parts of the country give you the best chance of finding a job.

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