Industry Trends: job postings fall in all sectors

Today we released Industry Trends, a picture of job posting numbers and job seeker traffic in 12 major industries over the last year in the US. If you are working in a rapidly declining industry, it will help you identify industries in better shape to which you can try to transition. If you are a recruiter, it will help you manage your recruitment advertising campaigns: you can monitor job seeker traffic in your industry and see which job titles, keyword searches and cities are getting the most clicks. Our press release is here.

Indeed’s jobs data are an alternative to government payroll statistics, offering a more forward-looking insight into hiring activity. If government data show the job market in the rear-view mirror – jobs that have been created or lost – Indeed’s Industry Trends provide a view through the front windscreen: job openings that companies intend to fill.

Our data show that compared with a year ago the number of job postings in the US has declined in all industries, while Education and Healthcare have declined the least. Job seeker traffic grew strongly in all industries; Education, Construction and Healthcare grew the most, experiencing a doubling of clicks in the last year.

Our job data are directionally similar to the government’s payroll numbers. Labor Department data for January 2009 show that Education, Healthcare and Government were the only sectors to grow in the last year, adding 743,000 jobs since December 2007. The US economy as a whole lost 3.6 million jobs.

The decline in job postings in the last year has been much steeper than the decline in overall jobs; the net loss of jobs in the economy is just one of several causes of job posting decline. People are switching jobs less often due to job insecurity, so job openings created by employee churn are far fewer. Also, employers are posting open positions less frequently to job boards because of a greater supply of candidates in the market.

January 2009 Industry Trends Report

Owing to Indeed’s comprehensiveness, Industry Trends provide a unique view of job posting activity in the US. We hope it will be of use both to job seekers and employers – please send us your feedback.