Bright spots in the job market

The outpouring of bad news in the media about layoffs continues unabated. The New York Times reports today that companies across the board are resorting to mass job cuts.

But this belies myriad opportunities: hundreds of thousands of companies are continuing to hire. While big layoffs are headline-grabbing, gradual hiring in sometimes hidden corners of the economy often goes unnoticed by the media.

Use Indeed’s job search to ferret out the jobs that fit your own background and our job trends to see which jobs are in demand. If the industry you’re in is struggling, find where you can deploy your skills in areas of the economy that are growing.

Try looking for the silver lining amongst the clouds; foreclosure work, for example, is booming. Or seek out opportunities in new technologies like renewable energy that are likely to transform tomorrow’s economy.

The Times itself found one pocket of growth, noting here that “ shows a thriving job market for MySQL and Linux developers.” Not only that, but demand for MySQL and Linux skills is also strongly rising.

Good luck in your job search and please let us know your job search success stories.