Indeed picked as Best Online Job Search Site

Thanks to our users, Indeed won an award last week for the Best Online Job Search Site in a holiday poll at Lifehacker.

Millions of job seekers succeeded in getting new jobs during 2008, despite the recession. Below is a small sample from thousands of our users who told us how they used Indeed to find a job last year.

Prospects for job seekers in 2009 will remain difficult in depressed sectors like housing and financial services, but are likely to remain stronger in other areas like healthcare and education. While there may be little or no growth in net new jobs in the US economy during 2009, job openings will always be plentiful due to natural churn; after all, people continue to change jobs every three to four years on average.

We thank you and wish you the very best for 2009.

[Update: Indeed has also been picked by Search Engine Watch as the #1 web resource for finding jobs in search.]

This is without doubt, the best job-search engine I’ve used. Timely, accurate, easy-to-access and easy-on-the-eye. I did “indeed” find my dream job and look forward to starting a new career.

CM in Westerville, Ohio

Thanks to the daily alerts from Indeed, I found an HR role with a very good financial company three blocks from my house. The ability to search for jobs in one place versus searching several job boards is invaluable. Additionally, having jobs delivered to my email daily helped me stay on top of my job search. Thanks!

LDS in Jersey City, New Jersey

I saw the posting last Wednesday on Indeed, submitted my resume that day, was phone interviewed within the hour, did a walk through the next day and two hours later was called and hired for the position.

SM in Chatham, New York

Thank you for all the help! Some days it would have been easy to get depressed about the job search. But there was the Indeed e-mail on my computer every morning to remind me that there was interesting work out there, and it was like a fresh start every day. Again, thank you!

DF in Rock Hill, South Carolina

I found a job! The job listing came through, and it was a direct hire rather than having to use a recruiter. Without I would have never seen the ad because it didn’t show up on either of the big job sites.

RWD in Brant Rock, Massachusetts

My dream job found me through Indeed Job Alerts. Every morning when I checked my e-mail, there were several jobs waiting for me. I am now online editor for a major metropolitan newspaper, thanks to Indeed. Thanks!

LB in El Sobrante, California

Timing is more important than time. Following months of searching, I responded to a well-defined job posting on Within two hours I received a call inviting me to an interview that eventually led to winning the CFO position. Indeed, works.

SS in Mobile, Alabama

I am thankful that I was told about As a licensed social worker in a very rural area, it has been a difficult task to find a job in my field. The job alert was an excellent way to stay updated on the most recent positions in my area and I’m pleased to say that I believe I have found the “job of my dreams.” I’m not sure I would have stumbled across it without the help of

EB in Crothersville, Indiana

Thanks to a listing that you included on Indeed, I sent a resume, received a call, relocated from Illinois to Tennessee and start on Monday at an awesome job!! Thank you so much for being the best job search engine there is!!

LM in Columbia, Tennessee searched multiple sites for jobs that were in my area of interest. Looking for a new job is difficult enough, so having to search hundreds of job sites and sift through all of their postings is extremely time-consuming. Indeed helped me identify the jobs I was interested in quickly, which helped me focus on the important things – getting a job!

C in O’Fallon, Missouri

I found my new job with my Indeed Alert. What I do is “nichey”, Medical Informatics; the alert I set up didn’t produce a lot of hits, but the ones it did were on-target. One day a job came through and I applied, 3 days later I had an interview; 8 weeks later I’m at Stanford University! I continue to use that alert to monitor the industry. Thanks!

PMH in Stanford, California

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After 18 months of searching for a permanent job on specialized boards, 4 weeks of brought me my PERFECT job!

CSA in Cumming, Georgia