Indeed: the answer to a job hunter’s prayer

What Color is Your Parachute, the best-selling job-hunting book, sold its 10 millionth copy this year according to its renowned author, Richard Nelson Bolles. Another milestone for the book was the addition of Indeed on page 5 of the 2009 edition:

“What are the most helpful job sites on the Web? …, run by a privately held company founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, with the New York Times company among its shareholders. This is the answer to a job-hunter’s prayer. There are lots of “job-boards” out there, thousands in fact; these, if you don’t know are websites that list employers’ job-postings, i.e., vacancies. Such postings are also to be found on employers’ own company or organization sites. Want to look through every one of them? No, you don’t. What you want is something that sweeps through all of them for you, and summarizes what it finds-in just one place. What you need is the site called Indeed (URL above). It is the most comprehensive job search service on the Web, as it “plucks” job listings from thousands of company websites, job boards, newspapers and associations. It has a UK site, whose URL, not surprisingly, is”

Richard Bolles was also kind enough to add Indeed job search to his website, Thanks Dick!