Are Fortune’s best companies hiring?

Every year, Fortune tells us which are the 100 Best Companies to Work For. But the best employers aren’t always the ones that are actively hiring. Fortune’s list is based on a survey of randomly selected employees from each company, focusing on attitudes toward management credibility, job satisfaction, camaraderie and culture. The survey reflects how employees feel about where they work, not the probability of outsiders getting hired.

So, before you start sending your resume or networking to get into these companies, take a look at the hiring they’re actually doing today and where it’s trending. Here are the jobs on at Fortune’s top 10 companies, plus the trend in job openings at these companies over the last couple of years:

Some of these companies are, of course, a lot bigger than others (Goldman Sachs has 25,000 employees compared with 5,000 at Quicken Loans, for example). But as a prospective employee, you’re going to have a much better chance applying to work for a company with lots of open positions and an accelerating hiring trend compared with one that has few positions or a declining trend.