The best holiday gifts

In its year-end issue, Time Magazine named a Top 10 Website for 2007. We celebrated being included in the list, but it’s feedback like this from job seekers that really put us in the holiday spirit!

God bless America! Thank you Indeed!! You came through in just 3 weeks time when I didn’t find anything with Yahoo or Monster in many weeks!! This is the BEST place to be! Ever since I came into this place I was busy nonstop and my phone and computer was always buzzing with calls from recruiters and employers. I got a job ‘direct hire’ by an employer! Thank you again for this wonderful Christmas! It is the best Christmas gift I can give to my 5 year old daughter. I wished I would have started sooner with Indeed. I am like ‘WOW.’

And another holiday gift for a user who found his new job via Indeed:

When earlier this month a friend of mine asked the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” on a discussion board I frequent, I was the first to answer; I said simply, “A job.” I was surprised to see how many other people on the board chimed in that they too wanted a job for Christmas… I finally started seriously looking for a job in mid-November. At John’s suggestion I began using and found a number of jobs for which I was really a good match. One of them was with Corinthian Colleges. I got the call a few weeks ago for an interview and was called back a few days later for a second interview… I start December 31st…

What a great way to end the year!