Getting your jobs on

We want every company and job board to include its jobs on Being included in our natural results is free and we continually drive millions of targeted job seekers to open positions on thousands of websites. It’s also in the interest of job seekers, as the more jobs we include, the more comprehensive and relevant a job search we can provide.

So, we try to do whatever we can to help you include your jobs on Indeed and we’ve identified the following best practices that can mean the difference between success and failure:

  • Give each job its own web page. This is essential because each of our job search results links to a specific job web page. Web pages with multiple jobs or a list of jobs won’t work. Each job must have its own unique URL and we don’t include jobs posted to your site as PDF or Word files – HTML only.
  • Include essential job information. Your jobs are more likely to appear in our search results if each job listing on your site contains separate fields for job title and location as well as a detailed job description. Your job listings must also include a prominent apply online link or email address.
  • Track candidate source. If you ask job seekers where they found out about your jobs, make sure Indeed is included as an option. Bear in mind this is unlikely to be an effective way of tracking the source of your candidates – it’s much more accurate to track it automatically. You should talk to your ATS or job board software provider to set up automated tracking so you can tell where your candidates are coming from and measure the performance of your recruitment advertising channels.
  • Provide an XML job feed. This is the fastest way to include your jobs on Indeed. It should include the details of all the jobs on your site and be updated each time new jobs are added. Here’s a sample XML job feed that you can use.

Take a look at our Indeed is Hiring page for one possible way to prepare your own jobs for inclusion on Indeed and let us know if you have any questions.