Partnering to include jobs on Indeed and track results

Any company or job site can quickly include its jobs on Indeed by providing us with an XML feed of jobs, preferably in this format. But because not everyone has an XML job feed, we’re partnering with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and job ad distribution (JAD) services to get their clients’ jobs directly into our index.

We’re also working with these providers to help their clients track when job seekers find their jobs on Indeed, and to enable those users to sponsor their jobs on Indeed to drive additional candidate traffic on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis.

Our latest press release details Indeed’s recent integration with four industry-leading services: Hodes iQ, HRsmart, Job VIPeR and SmartPost. Some benefits to their clients from these integrations are:

  • Streamlines the process for recruiters to include their jobs on Indeed.
  • Provides critical applicant tracking metrics so recruiters can measure conversion rates and cost-per-hire from Indeed.
  • Makes it easy for recruiters to buy PPC recruitment advertising on Indeed by sponsoring their jobs.

Many thanks to our new partners who have chosen to include Indeed as an option for their clients. By making Indeed’s job search even more comprehensive, it is also helping job seekers.