GeoRSS locations in job feeds

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could get job postings by area as RSS feeds?”

This is a comment from ITConversations from last July, discussing a GeoRSS presentation by Mikel Maron at last year’s Where 2.0 conference. Today we’re adding GeoRSS location data to our RSS and OpenSearch job search feeds. GeoRSS is a simple and powerful way to include location data in any RSS feed. All it took on our part was adding an element to our job search feed results like this one:

<georss:point>45.256 -71.92</georss:point>

What prompted us to do this was a recent addition to the Google Maps API, which allows anyone to add a GeoRSS-based overlay to a Google Map, such as the one below, with two lines of javascript code:

var gx = new GGeoXml("");

Another neat trick is that you can paste the URL of any RSS feed containing GeoRSS locations straight into Google Maps, and it will plot the locations on the map — no programming required! Here’s an example:

"Web 2.0" jobs in Google Maps

If you’re interested in developing a location-based mashup, some good places to start are the Google Maps API and the Google Maps Mania blog.