Getting Jobs through Indeed by the Thousand

A few weeks ago, we created a forum to elicit feedback from Indeed users who successfully found a job. It now has well over 1,000 posts, with new ones added daily – mostly success stories of one kind or another. Here are posts from 4 people last Friday:

Found the job of my dreams here! Thank you so much for this great service!

This is a great website! I’ve had many job offers through this site and have found my new place of employment thanks to!!

Why use other job sites individually when brings job opportunities to you on one website! I was hired by the first employer that I applied to! (PITNEY BOWES) Thank you!

I found a unique position in my previous career field. I would not have searched on my own in my field, as most of the positions did not interest me. But, having do the search allowed me to screen possibilities, and brought me to a very good position.

Good luck in your job search and feel free to share your story here too.