Salary Search Buzz

Since beta-launching Salary Search two weeks ago, we’ve had some great feedback and quite a bit of discussion. Here’s some of it:

Gina at Lifehacker picked up on the way Salary Search lets you assess the market value of a particular skill – in this case Ajax for Web Designers.

Barry at Search Engine Watch was kind enough to screen cast a demo of Salary Search.

Eric at Business 2.0 Blog used Salary Search to show that bloggers get paid more than journalists or reporters, and less surprisingly that the MBA is the best paid kind of degree.

Robert Merrill got excited enough about Salary Search to want to “queue McDonalds’ theme music because …I’m lovin’ it.” Thanks Robert!

Digg users’ imaginations got carried away in 136 fantastic comments to ‘How much money should you be making? Use Salary Search to find out.’

Thanks for all the suggestions on how we can improve it – keep them coming!

We’ve already implemented one suggestion from a lot of people – we added a confidence level based on the number of jobs the salary figure has been derived from:

high confidence  High Confidence (more than 250 sources)
medium confidence  Medium Confidence (75 to 250 sources)
low confidence  Low Confidence (under 75 sources)