Indeed Salary Search (beta)

Yet another salary survey? No.

Here’s what makes Indeed Salary Search unique and different from the salary tools already available:

1. It’s Objective. Most salary tools are based on salary surveys and related research and analysis; by their nature, they are subjective. Indeed Salary Search is objective – it culls salary data from millions of current job listings and makes it searchable. Read more on our methodology.

2. It’s Market-based. Most salary tools are based on historic survey data that may not be accurate or up-to-date. Indeed Salary Search shows you what current job openings are paying – which is what matters if you are in the job market. Traditional survey-based salary tools can be poor at tracking completely new kinds of job – Iraq Reconstruction Program Advisor, for example – whereas Indeed monitors the very latest jobs as they are published.

3. Keywords & Location. Typical salary tools just show you salaries for particular job titles. Indeed Salary Search gives you the option to search using any mix of skills, keywords or job titles, giving you the average salary of all jobs that match your query. You don’t have to choose a generic job title that may not match your skill set, which is useful when skills are more important than job titles. For example, see how Web Designer salaries increase with AJAX expertise. The possibilities are limitless: Do bloggers get paid as much as journalists? Do big companies pay better than small ones?

Please let us know what you think – your feedback will help us improve this beta version of Indeed Salary Search.