Indeed Extends Its Lead

Our latest Press Release summarizes some key achievements so far this year:

– First and foremost, we continue to enhance the relevance and comprehensiveness of our job search results. We’ve also added numerous new job search tools, ranging from Jobs by IM to Firefox and Google job search plug-ins. We’re relentless in putting the interests of job seekers first and the feedback we get from our users is a testament to that. Here’s an email we got just today:

“I stumbled upon, I’m in the middle of an active job hunt and is so clean and easy to use. I’m even able to zero in on jobs near where I live which is what I’m looking for in the face of such high gas prices! Thanks for the sweet site.”

– As a result, we get over three times more traffic than any of our direct competitors, according to comScore Media Metrix. Webpronews reports on our traffic growth and notes that is “nearly on par with the number of career hopefuls digging around AOL and MSN.”

– We’re also serving job advertisers: direct employers, job boards and recruiters. We’ve built a unique job advertising system, the first pay-per-click classified advertising system of its kind and the first pay-per-click job advertising network. Job advertisers may sponsor their jobs in our index to drive highly qualified job seekers to their jobs on a PPC basis.

– Since our advertising system came out of beta in March, we now have over 150 advertising clients and a growing distribution network, including major web properties like,,, and Gawker Media.

If you’d like to learn more about advertising on the Indeed network or joining our Publisher Program, please visit our pages for Advertisers or Publishers.