Be My Valentine (Industry)

Unromantic that it may be, the Valentine industry creates a lot of new jobs at this time of year.

It reminds us of some other job trends that people have commented on.

San Jose continues to be the #1 city in the country by the number of job listings per capita, but Matt Marshall reckons skills shortages mean that a lot of those openings can’t be filled by local hires.

Damon Darling rationalizes the overheating of the Las Vegas real estate market:

“Sure, Las Vegas real estate is overheated, but according to (Indeed’s) data, the city has 79 job postings per 1,000 people — making it the third best city for job seekers.”

The Stalwart posits job postings as a forward indicator of company success:

“For example, did the recent spike in listings for (NYSE: CRM) portend good things for the company? It would appear that the stock took off at roughly the same time.”

Give our job trends tool a try – we’ve updated it for January, 06.

Note: Ajax hiring is still on a tear.