Job Trends de Novo

The rise of search engines has given the searchable current index a familiar look and feel. But how often are you able to generate a historic trend graph dynamically from a searchable archive?

Indeed’s new Job Trends allows you to do just that, using over 35 million jobs that we indexed in 2005. Enter any job search query and it instantly plots a line graph showing the percentage of Indeed’s index containing your search terms over a 12-month period. We found a few nuggets – trends based on events, seasonality, and secular shifts:

Last year’s extraordinary hurricanes destroyed a lot of jobs, but also generated many relief jobs.

Weather is not always so unpredictable, of course, so farmers regularly plan their seasonal hiring.

But perhaps nothing is so predictable as the annual tax preparation season which some companies specialize in.

Other firms, however, just keep hiring more and more people.

And then there are the new new jobs that seem to spring from nowhere.

Try searching yourself, and please tell us if you find any interesting job trends!