I presented at Huntscanlon’s Human Capital Advantage Forum on the evolution of online recruitment and future trends. The attendees were from corporate Human Resources departments and recruitment firms, so concepts like vertical search, pay-for-performance and RSS were new to many of them.

Huntscanlon runs this event annually, and it’s always a favorite on the calandar of senior HR executives and recruiters. Of note was a talk by David McCullough, historian and author most recently of 1776, on the leadership lessons of the American Revolution. The timeless attributes of character and leadership he described stand in stark contrast to today’s rapidly changing technological environment. Another highlight was a question and answer session with Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, on leadership and talent management.

Another great event on the same day was Union Square Ventures session on peer-produced services and open-data architectures. Kudos to the USV team for pulling together such an eminent group of thinkers and players in this field. Selected messages plus a full transcript is on the wiki.