Hiawatha Bray: RSS is the Next Big Internet Idea

Hiawatha Bray has a great piece in the Boston Globe about RSS as the next (really) big Internet idea. Indeed is his first example of a business that is giving RSS a central place in its service:

Indeed… is using RSS to shake up the online job search business. Instead of going to a single site like, say, Monster.com, to check job listings, you can visit Indeed.com and see jobs listed on Monster, CareerBuilder, Hotjobs, and a number of other sites, as well as newspaper want ads…the Indeed site adds about 100,000 new listings each day. And the site uses RSS to keep users up to date. You enter a job title — network engineer, for instance — and Indeed generates an RSS feed for that particular job search. Add the feed to your RSS software, and you can have new job listings pop up on your computer screen.”

Update: TechNewsWorld also reports that the future of RSS looks rosy and discusses how Indeed enables users to save job searches using RSS.