Tail of Two Conferences

I had the opportunity to speak at two conferences in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday I was on the Search Innovation Panel at Goldman Sachs Sixth Annual Global Internet Conference, together with the CEOs of Kayak, Gurunet (Answers.com) and Ingenio. Last week I was on a panel that explored business models for syndication at the Syndicate Conference.

One would expect there to have been some overlap of subject matter between these two conferences, but in fact it was hard to find any connection at all between the two communities. The Syndicate Conference was focused on blogs, syndication, RSS and surrounding business models. At the Goldman Internet conference, the terms ‘blog’, ‘syndication’ and ‘RSS’ were almost entirely absent. The Goldman conference was all about the internet sector, but mostly in the context of established, publicly traded firms and the dialogue was grounded in financial, marketing and management terminology. It’ll be interesting to see if and when the concepts of Web 2.0 and syndication migrate to Wall Street.