Web 2.0 to Recruitment 2.0

I participated on a panel at Kennedy Information’s 2005 Recruiting Conference this week on the topic Recruiting for the New Realities of Business. The other panelists were Tony Lee, Wall Street Journal Online Vertical Network publisher and Sheila Greco, CEO & Founder of Sheila Greco Associates.

Joe McCool, who was moderating, encouraged me to give a technology perspective – specifically, my take on how Web 2.0 is impacting recruitment; morphing the traditional online recruitment environment into what could be called Online Recruitment 2.0. Key tenets are openness and flexibility:

  1. Open Distribution. RSS is starting to be adopted as a job distribution method and not just by Indeed. Hotjobs is the first major job board to embrace the technology, and we predict it will become universal. This will inevitably break down the prevailing walled-garden approach to online recruitment.
  2. Open Communication. Blogs are starting to be recognized as a recruitment tool as well as a corporate communications channel. By their nature, blogs entail open two-way communication between a company and prospective employees. Heather Hamilton from Microsoft had earlier talked in depth about the benefits of blogging to her company’s recruitment process. Her blog is here and Gretchen Ledgard, a technical recruiter at Microsoft, has a blog here.
  3. Open & Flexible Pricing. Pay-per-click search engine advertising is becoming a real alternative for staffing professionals to source candidates. Having to pay a fixed price for a job posting is a legacy of print advertising and the flexibility of pay-for-performance is an attractive alternative.

A lot of this is new to people in the staffing industry, so getting these ideas across simply will be very important. Let us know your thoughts!