Mossberg on Indeed

Walter Mossberg reviews Indeed in his Personal Technology column in the Wall Street Journal today, together with Ziggs, a search engine for professionals. He says Indeed is polished and speedy…It is simply a one-stop shop for job seekers.

Unlike traditional job sites, like, Indeed indexes more than 500 Web sites (including Monster) that list job openings, and allows job seekers to search them all from one place….The service includes some nice extra features, all free. You can set up an e-mail alert service to notify you once a day of new jobs that meet your criteria. You can e-mail pages of job-search results to friends. And you can even post a constantly updating feed of search results to a Web page like My Yahoo.

Describing his tests on Indeed, he says: you can look for all jobs in Michigan, or all jobs at General Motors, or only job openings in Michigan for engineers at GM…I was easily able to locate job openings for both white-collar and blue-collar workers all over the country. For instance, I found jobs for a drywall foreman in New Bedford, Mass.; a radiologist in Ottumwa, Iowa; and a videographer in Sacramento, Calif.

The review is not without its criticisms. He failed to find a single ‘screenwriter’ in California – a somewhat exacting search given the nature of the movie industry. None of the 500 or so websites that we index has a single one of those jobs, but please tell us if you know of any that do and we’ll make sure to include them!

He also found some duplicate results and noticed some jobs that had expired on the source site. Our de-duplication system does catch a high proportion of duplicates, however, and we keep our database as fresh as possible by including jobs just from the last 30 days. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to make improvements.

Walter Mossberg concludes that both Indeed and Ziggs provide interesting, focused information that would be hard to find as quickly or precisely on Google or Yahoo.